Fr. Daniel's Message for the Feast of the Holy Family.

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Dear Parishioners,

This weekend is the Feast of the Holy Family and
it is a great time to consecrate our families to the Holy Family.
At Mass, we will go to the manger scene in the Church and pray
the consecration prayer given to us by the Knights of
Columbus. Thanks to their generosity, we will have prayer
cards for those at Mass to follow along and for those to follow
who are on live stream. The family is under attack in our
culture today, and I am sure you see that in your own families.
Let us all pray together that under the protection of Jesus,
Mary and Joseph, the Holy Family, we will keep our families
healthy and sacred.
We are finally getting to the end of what has been a very
strange year for all of us so more than ever we look forward to
the New Year. Our struggles are not behind us but there is the
hope that life will not always be like this. There is always the
grace in realizing that as things are stripped away from us, we
rediscover what is really important to us and what is really
essential for healthy living. May God give us a renewed heart
and faith.
As the calendar year ends, I have to thank everyone who
continued to support the parish. I know that many have
experienced difficulty because of the pandemic and cost of
things are going up and up. Your support of the work we are
trying to do given the decline in resources has made what we do
possible. We had to be creative in how we reach out and
technology has been a great help is making this happen. Thank
you, your faithfulness to us has only caused me to be more
faithful to you in my effort. God bless us all in the New Year
and pray for the end of the pandemic.
Peace, Fr. Daniel

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