Fr. Dan’s Letter to the Parishioners

Dear Parishioners,

I have to admit that I am suffering from Covid-19

fatigue. I know that it is not the time to let our guard down, but I do hope that this is over soon. In the meantime, the other priests and I are looking to see what we can do to keep people connected to the parish and their faith while making sure that we follow all the CDC protocols to keep everyone safe. Now that the weather is cooperating, we wanted to start up the parking lot adoration on Sundays. Fr. John will also lead the Rosary on Saturday mornings and celebrate Mass with groups of people on Wednesday evenings. It will be important to reignite the faith once things are getting back to normal.

One thing that has been a blessing for me is to be in the house with Fr. Patrick, Fr. Michael, Fr. John and Fr. Samy. I have really been blessed to be with four other priests who are deeply spiritual and inspiring. I hope that it really shows in our ministry among you. The 9:00 PM night prayer each night has been a wonderful time to gather with the priests who are available and all the parishioners who can join us for prayer on our app or Facebook or website. Ending the day with prayer and community with all those who get on line with us has been special. If you have not joined us, consider doing so at 9:00 PM each night.

I am excited about the new program for Faith Formation that will include on line materials for families. Lisa has been working with Candice and Gabriel to come up with an approach that will connect with families of today. I am not sure the old CCD classes on Sundays worked for most families. Instead, having lessons available for whenever it works for your family is really what will work for busy people. If your children or grandchildren have not yet tried the program, please consider signing them up or helping us get the word out. It is so important that we take advantage of life long formation in the ways of God.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who have continued to contribute to the parish during these times. It is a great testament to your faith and your commitment to the work of God even during a shut-down. Know that I take being stewards of your resources very seriously and that I am doing all I can to use them to keep us closer to God.

Peace, Fr. Daniel

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